The hourly rate for the reliever depends on their experience, qualifications and your region.

 You choose what works for your centre.


Rates range from $22-30 plus GST per hour - enquire with your local office for the rates that apply to your area.

Rate 1: Qualified ECE or Primary Teachers with current teacher registration 

Rate 2: Qualified teachers who are not currently registered or partly qualified teachers in their final year of training* 

Rate 3: Unqualified but experienced relievers 

Administration cost: There is an administration cost charged to the centre of $21 plus GST per reliever per day. 

**For some regions we now also have reliever cooks and centre managers. Please enquire with the Franchisee in your area for availability and cost.

Small print:

  • The minimum relieving shift is 4 hours.
  • A minimum of 2 hours notice is required for cancellations. If you cancel within this timeframe, you will be charged 4 hours for the reliever plus the administration fee. If the reliever is able to be sent to another job that day, this may be waived.
  • If the reliever has relieved at your centre in the past 6 months or the relievers details are provided to you for a role you have available and you contract the reliever as a permanent employee or an independent contractor or introduces the reliever to another centre/organisation who contracts them as an employee or an independent contractor, a placement fee will be charged. The fee is $1200 plus GST for an unqualified reliever, $1800 plus GST for a qualified reliever without current registration and $2500 plus GST for a qualified reliever with current registration. 50% of the fee will be passed on to the reliever to honour and recognise the reliever’s contribution to Dynamic ECE Relievers. This clause applies whether at the time of acceptance of employment/contract the reliever is currently relieving for Dynamic ECE Relievers or not  (as specified in the Centre and Reliever Terms and Conditions).
  • The entire hourly rate (GST exc.) is passed on to your reliever.
  • To be deemed qualified, the qualification must meet Ministry of Education criteria and be registered and certified with the Education Council.

Please note:

  • Qualified ECE teachers without a current registration and a reliever in their final year of training can be counted to meet the 50% qualified staff requirement.
  • Primary qualified teachers with a current practising certificate  (Subject to Confirmation, Provisionally or Fully registered) are considered qualified for funding purposes, but not able to be a person responsible.
  • ECE qualified teachers with a lapsed practising certificate who have re-applied with conditions met*, or who hold a letter from the Education Council advising that certification has been approved, are considered qualified for funding purposes, but not able to be a person responsible.

*A maximum of 3 months from the date the application is submitted to the Education Council


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