Why would I want to pay a higher hourly rate to a reliever than I would to my permanent staff?
Relievers make themselves available at short notice and thus attract a premium rate. Permanent staff  accrue leave, are subject to ACC and there may be employer kiwisaver contributions on top of their hourly rate, which is not the case when using our relievers.
Why is there an administration cost?
We give you the convenience of having a pool of relievers that are only a few clicks away. No more time consuming calls or texts to your relievers to see if they are available - it’s never fun especially late at night for first thing in the morning.
By using Dynamic ECE Relievers we save you time. You don't have to keep interviewing to keep relievers who frequently move on as they have found permanent work, or they don’t pan out to be the exceptional reliever you needed.
We take care of payroll and tax for your relievers so you don't have to.
How much does it cost to register?
There is no charge.
How much does it cost if I post a job and then do not need a reliever?
There is no charge.
Love your reliever and want to offer them a permanent position?
If you do offer one of our relievers a permanent position, there is a one off placement fee - think how much time you have saved on advertising, interviewing and with the certainty of knowing the person you are really getting, having seen them in action already in your centre.


How much does it cost to register as a reliever? 
There is no charge.
Can I choose the days I work? 
Yes - you fill in the calendar and choose when you will be available. Please be aware, the more available you are, the more often you be be the reliever of choice.
What hours will I work? 
The centres we work with are open between 7am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. For any day that you relieve, your shift will be for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 10 hours.
I am not trained - can I still relieve? 
Yes - your life experience and experience with children are really important. 
I am not a NZ resident- can I relieve for you? 
If you have a work visa or work permit allowing you to work in NZ and you met our other reliever criteria and checks, then yes, you can relieve for us.


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